About Me


Hi loves! my name is Andrea Sanchez. I am 22 years old & my birthday is on February 25, 1998, making me a pisces. Ever since I can remember I have alway been an Artistic person, I still have all my reward certificates for best arts and crafts and coloring. As I grew some more and headed to high school I discovered unintentionally that I was very good at art, I say unintentionally because as some of you may know when you are in high school you get an elective, I remember in middle school I had this dream of being a famous actress, an unrealistic dream, If I am being honest I didn't even know how to act or attempted it. Going back to choosing an elective I was going to chose drama class, I mean what other path would suit me better? I was advised by a special person in my life till this day my Angel Baby (which is my boyfriend of 7 1/2 years, also one of my now lash products)   anyway he suggested I should take art instead, I am not going to lie I was kind of disappointed he didn't want me to take drama class, he said art would be better for me. I ended up taking his advise, and went to art class. The first days of my art class, I hated it, I was bored and just wasn't interested. As my art teacher begin to assign us art projects I would of course do it to pass my class, as I would turn in my projects my art teacher would hype me up so much saying how talented I was, I was shocked because to me it was just "regular art" nothing out of this world. She always gave me high grades for my artwork and even inserted my art in plenty of competitions, I even went to one where they displayed my art for everyone to see. I started enjoying that class more, until she pulled me after class and told me she talked to the AP art instructor is transferring me to her class because my art was much more advanced than her class level was at. I was so happy! Throughout these times in high school was when I began to play with makeup so much more! Makeup was easy for me because I had already learned my shading, straight lines, and precision very well. I am very detailed in whatever I do and love things to look perfect, so everyone always complimented my makeup, especially my brows, liner, and eyeshadow! Though I was getting better at makeup I had a strict father who didn't approve of me wearing makeup at such a "young" age. He would say I am going to school not a fashion show. I would skip breakfast because I wanted to do my hair and makeup, and he would get upset and not let me do it, I at that age decided to pack my makeup and during 1st period I was in the restroom doing my makeup, Good thing my teacher didn't take attendance. To my surprise I still ended up passing that class. As soon as I would get home I would remove my makeup so that my dad wouldn't tell me anything, however he still caught me sometimes, because if you've worn eyeliner you know how hard it is getting it out your waterline! Well my senior year came around and my dad began to start letting me go to school with makeup as long as I would have breakfast and sleep my full 8 hours, So of course I started to be more detailed with my makeup and my friends just LOVED it they would ask me to do their makeup for their parties, or just for fun! they were so supportive and began to tell me I should really go to beauty school and get certified! I graduated from high school and had to make a really big decision... A car or makeup school?  Of course I wanted a car more, Its your very own car that can take you places, & yes I really wanted to go to a makeup academy but I was convinced a car would be a better choice, I still went to go look at the makeup academy, my cousin was the fantasy teacher their so she gave me the tour and she told me something that completely changed my mind about my decision, and that advice I still give it to the people who were in the same situation as me, and that advice that she told me was "You should invest that money you have into something that will make you more money, not just take your money. When you come to school here you will invest into your knowledge of makeup and learn how to apply makeup professionally and get certified that will lead you to a makeup job that will pay you good money so that you can buy your car and make the money you need to pay it off" & that advice changed my way of thinking, and I am so glad I took that advice because soon after my mom told me " the women who did your quince makeup is hiring makeup artist, message her or I will" I messaged her, got hired, and worked for her for a little over 3 years! I loved that job and go to work along side one of the most hardworking person I have ever met. For almost 3 years I worked every single weekend and sometimes waking up from 3am to be at work at 4am to coming home passed midnight. I sacrificed going out on weekends and having fun, birthdays, family events, A LOT! However if you ask me if I regret it the answer is HELL NO I am proud of my hustle, I knew I wanted more for myself, I learned how to style hair , I learned how to run a business because she trusted me to handle her business, I learned how to be direct, I learned how to communicate in both English and Spanish professionally with my clients, I got out of my comfort zone by her pushing me to do more! & I am forever grateful, she always told me how she sees herself in me and she knows I will make it big! She wasn't just my boss, she is my friend! & when I talked to her about wanted to come out with my own makeup line, she pushed me to it, that I can do it! & So I was undecided what kind of make brand do I want to have, I of course thought of lashes first, but was so discouraged because every other business is lashes, how would mines stand out? & started brainstorming other ideas, and finally decided to tell myself... "who cares if so many people have a lash business, mine is going to be different, what if mine become successful? Im going to follow my intuition" I am so glad I did.. a few months later while I was having one of my favorites foods, Pho, with my boyfriend, it came to me... "Loves A Lash" ! This date was January 26, 2020. I went to go buy a notebook went home and my brain after that was over floating with ideas! So many ideas that I was so scared to not write fast enough and forget the idea. 3 days later I found someone to create my logo, I found this Russian artist on IG and i gave her all my ideas and sent them her way and with a few adjustments we created the perfect logo for my business! I created my Instagram instantly, didn't tell ANYONE except the closest people in my life! soon after COVID hit, I began to lose my motivation, I stoped everything I was doing, went through a phase where I was losing hope and was feeling depressed, and then after a few months I decided I am not going to be weak, I am not going to let this affect me nor my business I got back on it and decided I am going to announce my business so I can hold myself accountable and get things done faster! So on July 30, 2020, I officially announced on my Instagram that I am coming out with my very own lash brand, I received an enormous amount of support! It really motivated me I starting getting my products costumed made, and I started showing sneak peaks on my Instagram, I began to work on my stuff from home, because I don't have an office, I wasn't going out because we were still in a pandemic, and BOOM. October was the worst month for me, depression really hit me like never before, I couldn't understand why I was feeling the way I was, until I realized it was being home all the time and the changes of routine that I was not use to, I ended up booking clients again, & whenever I got to opportunity to work again all those negative feelings would leave me, and as soon as i was done working it would all come back, I stoped working on my products and then November came and my products that were costumed made came in. I decided I needed to really focus on the positive side and it wasn't easy, but I got busy I scheduled everything for my photoshoot, and I put my all into it, I didn't want it to be basic I wanted EXTRA! and ever since I have been busy, motivated, and excited! I pushed a date for my launch date & I didn't know if I would be ready, but I knew if i worked hard everyday until my launch date! I would be able to accomplish it, and though I went through a really hard phase of my life while starting my business, I want to use this to inspire you, There have been many obstacles thrown my way throughout this journey... covid, anxiety, depression, feeling alone, money, struggles with vendors, being scammed... and many more personal things. Life doesn't get easier, but I chose to come out stronger, I will not let any of those things make me a victim. So if you ever go through something similar as I did, just know that even though its hard focus on YOURSELF, do it for YOURSELF, no one in this world is going to help you out of this dark hole you are in, no one can, only YOU can. I had my loved ones near, but no matter what they say only I could do something about it. I am proud of myself and my strength & what I created going through all of that is something I couldn't be more proud of! I truly feel that this brand is ME! its what I love, I put my whole heart into it!  I am Andrea, & I am beautiful, strong, hardworking, adaptable, ambitious, and very passionate. Thank you for getting to know me! 💗